My Mission

Time goes so fast and it’s easy to loose sight of what is important for us. Whether to celebrate and highlight the important moments of life or even take the time to thank the people who matters to us. It is difficult to capture the happy memories spent with our loved one.

Having stopped painting for over ten years, I have decided to return to my passion. I was looking for inspiration and my wife suggested I start with our daughter. I was deeply touched by the look on her face and her reaction when I showed my daughter her Portrait. Every time she enters a room where she sees her portrait, her face lights up. I know that this memory has deeply moved her and will last all her life.

The Portrait, the Art of Celebrating and transforming Eternal Remembrance

A portrait is a lasting memorable emotional experience; This extraordinary gift allows us to celebrate, share and keep forever precious moments spent with Beloved through time. The Portrait helps us to remember people and important moments.

The artistic approach of the artist is to create an experience that lasts through generations

If it is your own portrait, we discuss what is most important to you and what emotion you would like to convey. The artist creates your portrait or that of a Beloved as a souvenir.

Imagine decorating your home with a work of art depicting a happy memory that will last a lifetime …

Photo by Dorothée Nowak