What does the term exclusive print means?

  • Shilov does not grant rights to reproduce his work.
  • Shilov maintains exclusive rights to every image he creates.
  • Only art prints from the ShilovArt workshop are authentic. Whole catalog of works from ShilovArt are original and are only available on ShilovArt.com exclusively.


What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

  • A certificate of authenticity certifies the print hand signed comes from the Shilov workshop.
  • This numbered certificate also confirms that printing Edition Exclusive comes from his workshop and contains his signature.
  • Combien de temps faut-il pour la commande d’Oeuvre originale?
  • Chaque commande est unique et chaque estimation est bas?e sur les facteurs ci-dessous :


How long does it take for the original Work of order?

  • Each order is unique and each estimate is based on the following factors:
  • Date of the order
  • Standard size or custom
  • Quality Photos provided
  • Travel time, if necessary


How long does it take to acrylic paint to dry?

  • An acrylic painting can actually take a week to dry completely.
  • It is generally safe for transport after 7 days.


Who are Shilov Clients?

  • Shilov orders usually come from new and experienced art collectors, people who want to create a work of art they would be happy to offer to their loved one.
  • Shilov especially like working with collectors on their first order.


Can I arrange a private tour of the studio?

  • No, the Shilov creative process is done in private.Puis-je voir le travail de Shilov en galerie?


Who represents the artist Shilov?

  • Shilovart.com is the entity that represents Shilov.
  • Shilovart.com is designed intentionally to offer his collectors of works by Shilov allowing direct experience with the artist.


What type of media are used by Shilov?

  • Shilov uses acrylic paint on metal; mixing mediums, gesso is also used.


What is a certificate of title?

  • A “certificate of title” guarantees the provenance origin of your painting.
  • It is necessary to ensure the value of the art work.
  • To be valid, it must detail the original work of art contains contact details, the signature of the artist, and date.


How can I take care of my painting?

  • Acrylic paint is a very durable paint, but canvas deserves special attention.
  • Avoid extreme and rapid changes in humidity, and be careful not to lean against it.


What does “? Copyright” means?

  • This means Shilov is the sole legal owner of its intellectual property and it reserves all its rights.
  • The property of an original painting is not reproduction rights.
  • All of Shilov copyrights are registered with the copyright office in Canada.
  • The laws of the Canadian and international copyright strictly prohibit reproduction of any kind, including but not limited to electronic, without the prior written permission of Shilov.
  • Any unauthorized reproduction in whole or in part is subject to significant legal penalties.
  • Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Why Shilov asks for the respect of his copyright?

  • Shilov images and creations are his intellectual property.
  • These assets represent the main source of current and future income and represent the brand ShilovArt
  • Therefore, Shilov must take all measures to protect these assets and the company’s brand image.